To write enchanting and entertaining stories for children and young adults.


To write a children’s story that will be handed down through the generations.


I came, I saw, I wrote about it!


Some… but I don’t like to boast.

Fleeced!: An Aries Adventure

A madcap, modern-yet-mythological adventure.

Aries, the ghost of the ram of Golden Fleece fame, remains furious at the loss of his beautiful coat – stolen by Jason and the Argonauts centuries ago. Aries is desperate to leave the Greek Underworld so he can find his beloved fleece, and when he gets a chance to return to Earth, he takes his best friend Alex, the Underworld zookeeper, along for the ride. They soon discover the Golden Fleece is in the clutches of the evil immortal sorceress Medea – now a world-famous fashion designer. With the help of Rose, a twelve-year-old human girl, Aries and Alex must save the world from Medea’s wicked plans . . . and save Aries from an eternity of being bald.

Rampage!: An Aries Adventure

Madcap, modern yet mythological adventure!.

Aries, the ghost of the ram of Golden Fleece fame, is feeling slighted that no one sees him as a real hero, even though on his first quest to Earth he thwarted wicked sorceress Medea. But Medea is plotting again, in the rainforests of the fabled land of El Dorado, and goddess Athena wants Aries and his best friend Alex, zookeeper of the Underworld, to stop her. But this time a ‘professional hero’ is being sent with them – none other than Aries’ arch-nemesis, Jason!

Things are worse than they know, however their friend Rose is in the Amazon too, searching for her lost father and Medea needs Rose’s help to restore her powers and wreak revenge, not only on Earth but also in the Underworld, and Medea knows just how to manipulate Rose into doing it.

The World According To Julia...